Speaking Clearly using Communication Coaching

Coaching accelerates skills.

CoachingFor those keen to accelerate their speaking ability fast for building personal brands, speech competitions or for special occasions e.g. weddings. Meet or just Zoom in online.

A good coach accelerates your professional development to have you speaking clearly and confidently quickly. Coaching can be carried out face-to-face or via Zoom. David has coached the TEDx JCU talkers since 2014 and has helped over one thousand participants in past communication workshops become more effective communicators. The question is “Are you ready to invest in your most important asset, yourself?” More information

Presentations Skills Workshops – 4 hrs

Be memorable in a speech, a safety talk at work, or speaking off the cuff.

Lightning PresentationsDo you fear or are nervous around public speaking. After this workshop you will be able to present with confidence or speak your piece at meetings, and create a memorable presentation in twenty minutes.

When speaking clearly you are able to present a well structured memorable presentation with only minutes notice? This workshop is for everyone including leaders or inspiring leaders who are in management, supervisory or community roles. It is the introductory workshop to mastering presentation design and delivery. More information


Having good material without the ability to strongly connect with an audience, is time wasted.

Creating Cunning Connections Do you find it hard to get your audience to understand and act on your message. Take this workshop and you will lock onto your audience like glue.

Effective presenters and trainers understand how to connect with an audience. This is by structuring material, and including stories, humour, gestures and voice. The workshop builds on the Lightening Presentation workshop so you can create a fast presentation that connects on a number of levels. More information


Create entertaining engaging, entertaining keynote presentations.

Crafting Keynotes Your are getting some speaking gigs, but you want to take it to the next level, or win that competition, or create that memorable entertaining keynote. Strap yourself in for a fast ride to the top. 

You will be able to craft a memorable entertaining keynote speech with a strong message reinforced with your life’s wisdom . This workshop is for those who want to stand out from the crowd when taking the microphone and speaking clearly. Conductive Connection is a highly recommended addition to this workshop. More information


Interview skills are critical when fronting the press or applying for jobs.

Influencing Interviews Are you uncomfortable, or even may I say, terrified when pesky journalists interview you, or you have to take on probing shareholders at your AGM. Relax, we about to take the pain away.

When being interviewed by a radio or TV journalist or in a job interview, you want to be performing at your best. You will learn strategies to prepare for and practice impromptu speaking.  More information

For more information on Job Interview Training click here


A great idea deserves an amazing pitch.

Powerful Pitches – Have you pitched for funds or partners in the past and you have missed out? There are four major components to pitching, the delivery, design, deck and the inner game of holding the edge with the panel. 

In 2017 three of the five Queensland state finalists in the Australia Post Pitching competition came from Cairns. We have also had successful Shark Tank Pitches.  In designing pitches the panel, deck and delivery are analysed before creating the pitch.  More Information


David a MC and coach at TEDx JCU Cairns since 2014

TEDx or Pecha Kucha Initiators –  Have you tried for a TEDx or Pecha Kucha talk and have been knocked back, or would like to do one and don’t know the process? Relax, let us walk you through from go to woa, and create a personal brand build audience helping masterpiece. 

Presenting these speeches can help you build your personal brand. This gives you the understanding of what the curators are looking for and how to create a memorable presentation. With this workshop you will be proud to have your presentation as a personal brand. These workshops are run on demand. More information

Professional Communication one day Workshops

A Professional Communication workshop building a range of communication skills.

Professional Communication one day Workshop So you just want to bite the bullet and get the fear of public speaking behind you, be confident with impromptu speaking and chuck some humour into your presentations for good measure. Welcome, you have picked the right place.

By the end of the day your confidence will have grown and you will be speaking clearly. You will be able to develop and deliver a memorable speech in under thirty minutes and understand how humour works. Your skills in impromptu speaking and your fear of public speaking will have decreased markedly. More information


Christina Prince, an author and a happy coached customer.

The Business of Billionaires & Superyachts

Check Christina’s book out if you are thinking of buying a super yacht, or being a personal slave to the rich and famous while looking glamorous and touring the high seas. Then this book is for your educational resource that pulls no punches 🙂