Keynote Speaking Coaching

Keynote speaking is rewarding and builds your brand


The transformational goal of this module:

From – Someone who is a competent speaker who would like to be paid as a speaker or increase the power of their personal brand.

To – Being able to create a memorable, entertaining, flexible speech using their own life stories to illustrate the points with their own unique flavour.

Keynote Speaking Workshop Overview

In this workshop you mine your life for stories, and use these to create a powerful entertaining keynote speech. The result at the end of the workshop is, you will have a framework of material for your presentation the final polishing.

Who should attend this workshop?

  1. Presenters who are already comfortable in public speaking. They would like to take their speaking to the next level and develop powerful presentations based on their life’s experiences.
  2. C level business people who wish to be more visible in the business world and build their brand.
  3. Politicians and Councillors who want to improve their presentation skills. This will ensure they are more memorable and entertaining when presenting to their constituents.

Workshop Content

  1. Gaining experience in mining your life for stories, that will make your keynote speech unique and interesting.
  2. Identifying your life stories that you can used to illustrate the key points when you are keynote speaking.
  3. Restructuring your stories to ensure you have a powerful emotional connection, making your message memorable.
  4. Developing your skills so as you can chunk your story. You can then make it appeal to your particular audience, and adjust the length, to suit the time allowed.
  5. Build your skills around using PowerPoint presentations.
  6. Revisiting humour to ensure your presentation is entertaining.
  7. Revisit VAK’s, voice variation, gestures, stance and movement on stage so you have maximum connection with your audience.
  8. Understanding the key issues that need to be addressed when you work with event managers and staging personnel.

Key Skills Enhancement

  1. In this keynote speaking workshop you will realise the power of personal stories and have a database of your own stories to continue to build on.
  2. You will be comfortable in adjusting your presentation;
    1. To suit the time frame you have been given
    2. Making your material relevant to the particular audience.
  3. When presenting you will understand how to take a personal story and condense it. This will give it maximum emotional connection and memorability.

The Style of the Keynote Speaking Workshop

This keynote speaking workshop is is based on you working on your own material. It also allows for testing segments of your material to have feedback from all the participants.

You will be required to work on developing your database of personal stories prior to the workshop. This will increase the value of the workshop for you.

Prior to the workshop participants will be encouraged to develop their data bases of personal stories. This will accelerate the learning on the day.

There is a high level of interaction with the other participants to stimulate ideas. It also encourages creativity in structuring stories to have the maximum impact on the audience.

The Path Forward

Having completed this module you have an in depth understanding of how to create a professional presentation that can be adapted to any situation. The following TEDx/Pecha Kucha talks and the Powerful Pitches use different skill sets.

  1. Powerful Pitches. If you need to pitch for funds or partners this will increase your chance of success manyfold. Apart from the design and visuals, pitching is a mind game where you need to hold the cards at all times.
  2. TEDx/Pecha Kucha talks take you on the journey from applying to give a talk, creating a pitch video, and developing the talk around a powerful idea. These talks can give your personal brand a much wider reach.

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