Business Skills Workshops

Business creativity
Creativity for the future, the road less travelled.

Planning for the Future – In life and business over the last decade, change has been a constant, and it is accelerating as new technology is adopted. Your future success will depend on how creative you are, as an individual or a business, plus your ability to implement this creativity through strong communication skills and training, then leveraging changes with networking and sales.

The following workshops are limited to sixteen participants. The focus is on you, working interactively with your material and needs.

Creativity Workshops – 4hrs

Creativity training
Be creative while you still have time. Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

Cheeky Creativity – You can be trained to be more creative. In this workshop you will learn about your brain’s creativity triggers, and how you can boost your creative ability. This workshop is applicable for anyone who would like to be more creative in business, the arts or just in their daily life.

Creativity in Companies
Corporate culture creation for cutting edge ideas.

The Creative Company Genie – Businesses need to be creative to prosper in this fast changing world. Creativity can be part of a businesses culture, empowering employees while reducing the load of management and supervisors. This workshop is for those wishing to incorporate creativity into their business culture. It builds on the skills of Cheeky Creativity.

Presentations Skills – 4 hrs

Speech coaching
Be memorable in a speech, safety talk or speaking off the cuff.

Lightning Presentations –Would you like to be able to present a well structured memorable presentation with only minutes notice? This workshop is for everyone including leaders or inspiring leaders who are in management, supervisory or community roles. It is the introductory workshop to mastering presentation design and delivery. More information

Connect with audience
The audience glue: structure, stories, humour, gestures and voice.

Conducive Connection – Effective presenters and trainers understand how to connect with an audience by structuring material, and including stories, humour, gestures and voice. This workshop builds on the Lightening Presentation workshop so you can create a fast presentation that connects on a number of levels. More information.

Keynote speeches
Create entertaining engaging keynote presentations

Crafting Keynotes – You will be able to craft a memorable entertaining keynote speech with a strong message reinforced with your life’s wisdom . This workshop is for those who want to stand out from the crowd when taking the microphone. Conductive Connection is a highly recommended addition to this workshop.

Effective Training – 4hrs

Training employees
Memorable training that sticks.

Training without pain – Training is a vital part of any business, big or small. The information you deliver must stick, it must be memorable and the participants must enjoy the experience. This workshop will sharpen the delivery skills of trainers and those wanting to be trainers.

Networking – 4 hrs

Networking workshop
Building powerful productive relationships

Networking with Zing – Networking is a vital part of building long term income through broadening the network  of your business associates. Networking is building relationships, and uncovering common ground with those you meet. A foundation skill for all business people.

Sales – 4hrs

Sales workshop
Take a bigger bite of the market.

Crocodile Sales – Learn how to stalk your market with the skills and tenacity of a crocodile. Take a bigger bite of the market and increase your sales revenue fast. Sales are a vital part of any business and this workshop is ideal for members of sales teams or for small business owners.