David Burston – Communication Background

David Burston is an expert in communication and creativity training. In his spare time he volunteers as Pitch Master at the local business incubator, theSPACE in Cairns and has constant interaction with entrepreneurs and businesses. In the 2016 Australia Post Regional Pitching Competition, 60% of the Queensland finalists contestants came from Cairns.

TEDx JCU. In 2014 David began coaching and mentoring the speakers in the newly launched TEDx James Cook University program. The TEDx presenters are interesting local people with great ideas. They are coached to be inspiring and memorable speakers over a three month period.  See TEDXJCU for all the previous speakers presentations

Workshops. Over one thousand participants have received training in Professional Communication workshops or Toastmasters Speechcraft courses. They are of a highly interactive nature and utilise learning reinforced by humour. The focus is on the “why” of communication strategies, that the participants can apply to their many different presentation circumstances. Our workshops are tailored to participants coming from corporate, education, community or indigenous backgrounds. See some of the feedback from the workshops click here.

Indigenous and English-as-a-second-language Workshops. These workshops cover the same content of our normal workshops, but with a slower rate of delivery. We normally include more videoing of activities and interactivity to make the learning easier.

International mentoring, coaching and training.  David Burston participates in ongoing weekly and monthly international communication training and mentoring. This gives him exposure to the latest communication skills from around the world.

David Burston as MC at the inaugural JCU TEDx in 2014. He has been coaching participants annually since 2014.

Awards. In Toastmasters he received “Toastmaster of the year” in 2013 from Toastmaster District 69 which had over 3,000 members. This was primarily for delivering workshops across North Queensland, Northern Territory and Papua New Guinea.

David Burston – Business Background

David Burston has a varied entrepreneurial history. This has included agricultural enterprises; farming, irrigation, earth-moving, building high-efficiency shearing sheds, shearing and horse breaking. Other areas he has worked in are; ski instructing, beekeeping and vegetable industry consulting. As project manager he developed the NE Victorian peppermint industry growers for their first commercial year. Part of this project was to built a 300 horsepower distillery and modified growing and harvesting equipment to suit the new peppermint industry.

In the late 1980’s he ventured into aquaculture with two partners. They developed the yabby industry in Victoria, designing and built an automated hatchery that produced a million juveniles per month. A holding system was created with cool moist conditions for holding yabbies alive for months. The effect of this ability was to turn a muddy creature into a gourmet animal. This resulted in lifting the price from $5/kg to $20+/kg over three months for the local and export markets.

David had a Quality Assurance training and certification business in Cairns for three year. In the early 2000’s he was Business Manager for an environment rehabilitation company in Cairns for several years.

Copper concentrate storage structures,6 x 24m (80′) wide and 36m (120′) long, at Mount Isa Mines installed by David Burston’s Taurus Fabric Build business. Note the size of the people in the background.

He also owns a fabric structure business marketing and installing tension membrane buildings up to 40m wide. These are used for maintenance facilities, truck depots and bulk materials storage.

David has Diplomas in Farm Management and Building and he completed the Leadership 21 certificate with Melbourne University.