Connect with your Audience

You must connect with your audience if your presentation is to be memorable.


The transformational goal of this module:

From – Someone who enjoys speaking but sometimes struggles to hold the audience’s attention.

To – Being able to design your content and delivery so you hold your audience’s attention, seemingly effortlessly.


Conducive Connection Workshop Overview

After you have developed a powerful presentation, the next step is to connect with your audience. You need to invite them into your speech, so as it is experiential and they feel the emotion of your journey. Otherwise they may feel they are attending a disengaging lecture on what happened.

Who should attend this workshop?

  1. Presenters, if you are public speaking, but would like to have stronger connection skills with your audiences.
  2. Toastmasters, Community Project Developers if you want to promote you cause to the public.
  3. Politicians and Councillors, if you are standing for office or you are attending regular meetings, and want your message to be remembered.
  4. Entrepreneurs and business people, if you are promoting your business, or if you are working in sales.
  5. Trainers if you want to develop a stronger connection during training with your participants.

Workshop Content

  1. Understanding how to chunk your story so you have the option to rearrange the segments to make it more engaging.
  2. Delivering your unique presentation peppered with your personal stories.
  3. Practicing dialogue, as is one of the strongest ways to create audience connection. Your outcome is to make the situation real for them.
  4. Understand the mechanics of humour, which you can use as a powerful connection with the audience.
  5. Develop a feeling for VAK’s so you can hold the attention of the Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic audience members. 
  6. Review your use of gestures, voice variation, stance, movement, and eye contact so you connect with your audience.
  7. Be comfortable playing with your audience keep them guessing and consider ending with a twist.

Key Skills Enhancement

  1. How to redraft a story and use your personal stories to hold the audience’s attention. Ensure there is a visible shift in emotion.
  2. Breaking the predictable flow of the presentation with “Tap and Tease” and twists to keep the audience guessing.
  3. You will be able to understand the mechanics of unfolding the humour from your material. The audience will laugh your message into their memory.
  4. Be competent in using the stage to create a vision of your stories journey or incidents, in the audience’s mind.
  5. Bolster your audience connection with VAK’s, dialogue, gestures, voice variation and eye contact in every presentation.

The Style of Workshop

This four hour workshop is highly interactive with participants encouraged to bring existing presentations to the workshop to develop them.

The segment on humour ends with an inhouse comedy show. This demonstrates that everyone can understand how to develop humour with their presentation material.

This workshop enables you to experience a wide range of ways to connect with an audience. You also see others going through the same experiences, multiplying the learning experience.

The Path Forward

The following speaking modules build on the knowledge from this workshop;

  1. Crafting Keynotes – The focus is on producing an entertaining keynote speech with a strong message based on your life stories. After completing this workshop, you will have the structure and much of your content for your memorable keynote speech.

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