Public Speaking – Lightning Presentations


The transformational goal of this module:

From – Someone who has fears when public speaking, takes days to create a speech, is uncomfortable on the stage and is a little bit lost by the process. 

To – Being able to create a memorable speech in under twenty minutes, be comfortable on stage and able to talk with few or no notes. If you have to present without warning in a meeting or for work, you will be able to put the memorable presentation together in your head or on a table napkin, on the spot.

Public Speaking Workshop Overview

Would you like to build your confidence and public speaking skills in this four hour workshop. It will help you in your work or community activities. This workshop is also valuable for managers and supervisors. They will be more succinct and memorable when running organised or off-the-cuff meetings.

Who should attend this workshop?

  1. Anyone who wants to quickly learn how to be comfortable developing a speech quickly. It is great to help you to be comfortable when you deliver your speech with no or minimal notes.
  2. It is perfect for Toastmasters, Community Project Developers and or if you want to promote you cause to the public.
  3. Politicians and Councillors who are standing for office to attending regular meetings will find the skills invaluable. They will develop presentations which are more succinct and memorable.
  4. Entrepreneurs and business people will find it helps them to promote their business or if they are working in sales.
  5. Students – If you are a senior primary, secondary or tertiary student you will have stronger classroom or oral presentations. You will find your presentations will be quicker to plan and less stressful to deliver.

Workshop Content

  1. The factors which may be holding you back from public speaking confidently.
  2. Strategies for quickly finding topics on which you can speak will save you time.
  3. Understanding Mind Maps, and how to create your pallet of information to quickly create a powerful memorable presentation.
  4. How you can use a speech mind map that is easily memorised and you can deliver without notes.
  5. Develop a delivery style so as you have a conversation with the audience, and you are able to meet their immediate needs.
  6. Learning basic strategies for connecting with your audience.
  7. Strategies for you to give powerful feedback on presentations or in any situation where you are required to implement change.

Key Skills Enhancement

  1. How you can create a memorable presentation, that has structure and impact, in thirty minutes or less.
  2. Understand the basic factors of voice, gestures and eye contact you can use to connect with your audience.
  3. Structure feedback where you can encourage change in your workplace or home with minimum push-back.
  4. Use your skills to create a memorable presentation on the spot, that is clear and memorable, to use in your work, family and community environments.
  5. Master how you can be relaxed and able to give an audience focused presentation which is flexible and meets your audiences needs.

The Style of Workshop

The four hour workshop is based on participation. The participants are encouraged to bring in material that is relevant to their needs, or which they are currently developing.

If participants wish to send projects they are working on to the trainer prior to the workshop, this is encouraged. The aim of the workshop is to be as practical and useful to all attendees, giving them immediate benefits.

The workshop includes you developing speeches from your mind maps efficiently, giving the speeches, then receiving feedback from the group. You receive educational sessions initially, then you get to practice all the roles. You will find the experiential learning will embed the skills effectively.

The Path Forward


The following speaking modules build on the knowledge from this workshop;

  1. Conducive Connection – Develops skills to have a strong connection with your audience exploring speech structures, humour and inviting the audience into your story through dialogue.
  2. Crafting Keynotes – The focus is on producing an entertaining keynote speech with a strong message based on your life stories. After completing this workshop, you will have the structure and much of your content for your memorable keynote speech.

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