TEDx and Pecha Kucha Coaching


The transformational goal of this module:

From – Someone who has tried to get a speaking spot at a TEDx or Pecha Kucha and failed, or would like to share their idea or story.

To – Being able to put a strong proposal to course curators and create a powerful motivational presentation for the event.

TEDx and Pecha Kucha Workshop Overview

TEDx and Pecha Kucha speeches have set styles that have to be adhered to. Due to this we have created a separate workshop to consider the total path from speech application to delivery.

Who should attend this workshop?


  1. Entrepreneurs wanting to build their personal brand.
  2. University academics wanting to publicise the research they have been carrying out.
  3. Executives and employees building their personal brands.
  4. Not-for-profit organisations want to publicise their ideas that have impacted the world.

Pecha Kucha

  1. Speakers who want to tell the world about their adventures.
  2. Academics who want to give exposure to their research.
  3. Speakers who want practice in front of large audiences.

Workshop Content

  1. Defining your idea for TEDx or purpose for Pecha Kucha presentation.
  2. Researching existing material on the web.
  3. Researching and assessing potential venues.
  4. Making a pitch video.
  5. Initial first draft of the speech.
  6. Selecting visuals and ensuring there are release from all material.
  7. Reviewing the presentation for audience connection.
  8. Checking all wording for international audience acceptance.
  9. Stagecraft and presentation manner to achieve maximum connection with the physical and online audience.

Key Skills Enhancement

  1. Understanding the process in giving an international TEDx or Pecha Kucha speech.
  2. Delivering a focus on your idea.
  3. Speaking to get the best impact from video cameras.
  4. Learning to develop an inspiring and motivating presentation.

The Style of Workshop

The four hour workshop gives an understanding of the process from go to woe for TEDx and Pecha Kucha talks. It is based on researching and developing your material and creating a powerful engaging talk.

The Path Forward

The following speaking modules will build your speaking skills further;

  1. Lightning Presentations – Learn how to create memorable presentations quickly. Consequently you should be able to present to an audience without the need of notes.
  2. Creating Cunning Connections – Develops skills to have a strong connection with your audience. Furthermore this workshop explores speech structures, humour and inviting the audience into your story through dialogue.
  3. Crafting Keynotes – The focus is on producing an entertaining keynote speech with a strong message based on your life stories. On completion of this workshop, you will have a strong outline of your memorable keynote speech.
  4. Influencing Interviews – Building confidence and developing logical strategies prior to being interviewed or expecting impromptu speaking.

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