Pitch Ideas Confidently

Pitching is the joining of tribes to achieve a common goal.


The transformational goal of this module:

From – Someone who has struggled in getting their pitches acted on. Who know they have a great product but just can’t get the others to see what you can see.

To – Being able to research the panels background and design a powerful clear motivating pitch. They will be able to hold the floor and mentally hold the high ground while they are concise in their delivery.

Pitch Ideas Confidently Workshop Overview

To pitch ideas successfully is a skill that every entrepreneur and business owner should master. First of all you will get to understand your panel before you design your pitch speech. Secondly the deck is planned to condense the content even further before you pitch ideas. Thirdly, controlling the pitching room is a vital aspect which many people overlook. Finally, nailing a practice pitch.

Who should attend this workshop?

  1. Entrepreneurs pitching for funds or partners.
  2. Business owners pitching for funds, partners or projects.
  3. Executives that have to pitch ideas for projects.
  4. Pitch panel members to understand the process behind pitching

Workshop Content

  1. Know your client you are pitching to and understand their organisation.
  2. Mapping your business, the problem you are solving, your solution, your team, your track record, security of IP and finance.
  3. Design and create the pitch speech.
  4. Plan and create the deck.
  5. Potential questions brainstorming and mapping.
  6. Understanding challenges from the panel you may have to manage.
  7. Developing strategies to hold the floor when pitching
  8. Practicing your pitch.

Key Skills Enhancement

  1. The critical background information sourcing .
  2. Designing a powerful pitch, both speech and deck.
  3. Understand how to control the room during the pitch.
  4. Questions from the panel strategy.

The Style of Workshop

The four hour workshop is based on understanding the process to pitch ideas. As a result you will understand through interactive activities how to design and deliver a pitch.

The Path Forward

The following speaking modules will build your speaking skills further;

  1. Lightning Presentations – Learn how to create memorable presentations quickly. Consequently you should be able to present to an audience without the need of notes.
  2. Creating Cunning Connections – Develops skills to have a strong connection with your audience. Furthermore this workshop explores speech structures, humour and inviting the audience into your story through dialogue.
  3. Crafting Keynotes – The focus is on producing an entertaining keynote speech with a strong message based on your life stories. On completion of this workshop, you will have a strong outline of your memorable keynote speech.
  4. Influencing Interviews – Building confidence and developing logical strategies prior to being interviewed or expecting impromptu speaking.

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