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David Burston Training – Confidence Unlimited, is all about creating confidence in the participants. It is an organisation that is dedicated to building listening, thinking and communication skills, confidence, and leadership skills at an affordable cost to a wide range of people.

Since the 1950’s people have tended to gradually become more isolated, a trend that has been further amplified by the present technology age. Personal face-to-face communication has been hijacked by the electronic age, text emails, facebook, and skype to name but a few, who have diluted our ability to be strong communicators, motivators and leaders.

In the next ten years, it is predicted that both our knowledge and technology will expand by a massive amount. This is somewhat daunting but also exciting, the rate of change and the effect of disruptive technologies will provide challenges; but also rewards, for those who are prepared to carve a niche in this new economy.

A strong community requires ordinary people to be comfortable in leadership roles across all facets of its business and social infrastructure. Strong clear communication between people allows them to utilised the combined expertise of the group, and be supportive in the tough times, and celebrate in the good times.

David Burston Training enthusiastically embraces the challenge of working with you to develop your communication, confidence, and leadership skills, be it face to face or remote training or coaching via skype.