Guiding and Coaching

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Corporate Guiding

Empowering organisations by developing a depth of communication skills

Listening and Manager Coaching. Developing communication skills is an organisation foundation where the very culture of your business is rooted. One of the most underestimated communication skills is listening with curiosity, not jumping to conclusions, by having managers, encouraging staff to dig deep and find a solution based on their hands-on knowledge.

For staff this creates staff ownership in the project outcome, and a level of respect and pride. There is a measurable financial and social return by encouraging managers to utilise listening skills to coach in short bursts, building the work skills, confidence, and the work satisfaction of all parties. This can have a major positive impact on culture and retention of employees.

Traditional Communication Skills. Every successful business needs strong sales skills and a high success rate in pitching for major projects. Equally important is the high retention and satisfaction of existing clients. Meetings should be productive, with a broad range of valued input. Handling aggressive public or private meetings, can be turned from locking horns, to creating a win-win outcome through deep communication planning. Once again it is the strong listening skills that are the key drivers for these successful outcomes.

Tracking with Measurable Metrics. To achieve a great outcome we need to start with baseline metrics. Where is the business now? What are the priorities to focus on? What goals are we setting with staff input to achieve the desired measurable outcomes?

Contact us. We can develop an ongoing program to meet your individual needs with onsite or remote knowledge transfer at a rate which suits your operational schedules.

David Burston  Telephone number+61 (0)400 030 835 or 1800 180 495

Individual & Group Coaching

Pitch Master. As Pitch Master at the local business incubator, theSPACE in Cairns David has constant interaction through business and communication coaching with entrepreneurs and businesses. Our expectations are high, and in the 2016 Australia Post Regional Pitching Competition three of the five finals contestants for the whole of Regional Queensland came from Cairns.

TEDx JCU. Since 2014 he has been coach to the TEDx James Cook University participants where our philosophy is focusing on great ideas, building good presenters then lifting them to the great and memorable level.

Workshops. Over 1,000 participants have received training in Professional Communication workshops or Toastmasters Speechcraft course. They are of a highly interactive nature and utilise learning reinforced by humour. The focus is in the “why” of communication strategies that can be applied to many different circumstances. These workshops are tailored to the participants with corporate, education, community or indigenous backgrounds.

International mentoring, coaching and training.  David participates in ongoing weekly and monthly international training and mentoring to ensure he his trained with the latest communication skills from around the world.