Creativity & Communication

David Burston and Confidence Unlimited are known for innovative business creativity and communication strategies. Individuals, growing businesses, institutions and indigenous organisations are the focus. As a result, profitability, community engagement, business efficiency and agility are all positively affected.

Creativity and Communication Strategies for Organisations

Deficiencies in communication skills and creative abilities in organisations is often reflected in;

  • High staff turnover, due to a toxic or negative culture. 
  • Low ratio of winning projects : to interest registration
  • Are no longer seen as a leader in their industry

Your organisation is impacted at every level by enhancing creativity and communication skills. Starting with the Board of Directors setting and sharing the vision, to senior and middle management motivating and inspiring the workforce. Furthermore there are staff to be mentored, press interviews, conflicts to manage and communities to engage. To obtain maximum results, the skills and ingenuity of the entire workforce need to be harnessed and built upon. Confidence Unlimited takes a global long term view in building communication and creative strengths across your organisation. More information

Commercial Creativity & Communication Skills

Understanding and implementing  creativity is a vital skill set in today’s business environment. Training, sales and networking are the oil that lubricates the successful organisation.

It starts with being creative at a personal level, A Creative Compulsion and in a corporate environment Business Innovation Transformation. Following is Effective Training, lifting results and Crocodile Sales, taking a bigger bite out of the market. Finally there is Networking with Zing, boosting networking connections. More information

Communication Skills

People buy from people they like. Communication skills; speaking, video and text, create your ambassadors bringing success, or create disinterest and a sad balance sheet.

Starting with Lightning Presentations, quickly developing and delivering memorable presentation.

Following on is Creating Cunning Connections, learning the art of connecting with a speaking or training audience. Next is Keynote Speeches for professional speakers, then Influencing Interviews and Powerful Pitches for entrepreneurs and executives. This is followed by Job Interview Training and the TEDx or Pecha Kucha Initiators, for those wishing to build their brand or get their idea out to the world.

Finally the One Day Professional Communication Workshop and Personal Communication Coaching ensure you have the communication skills you need. More information.


A 30 day, 100% guarantee with all creativity and communication skills training is offered. Consequently this applies to face-to-face, online and web based interaction.