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Closing deals, your businesses life blood

The following is a typical case study of the depth at which we operate using a medium sized manufacturing company in one of our regional cities:

Joe the owner contacted us as he was frustrated, they had lost their mojo for winning projects. Their products were great with a strong track record on supply.

On our first visit we ran through the journey of their last sales negotiation, a $850,240 mining contract with potential for ongoing work. Their frustration showed, they believed they had the strongest capability but lost the much needed potential work.

Working with Joe’s team we reviewed; the capability documents, the backgrounding of the potential client, the design of the pitch, their presentation skills, their supporting visuals, and how the team projected themselves when pitching to the potential client.

The program was to lift the communication skills of the negotiating team. A strategy was created so all the written communication and imagery was clear, concise and instantly recognisable as to its source. We then focused on the delivery material, method and psychology that would make their pitch stand out.

They had a very strong opportunity to win the $850,240 deal from a capability perspective, but their skills in positioning themselves as the best choice needed refining.

At Confidence Unlimited, your bottom line is our focus, and we offer an expert service that ensures you are prepared to win work at short notice. If you want to build your in house skills for winning work we would love to talk.

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