Job Interview Training

Job interview training ensure you are prepared and confident when applying for jobs.


The transformational goal of this module:

From – Someone who has lodged dozens of resumes unsuccessfully and always seems to be passed over in interviews. Job hunting could be described as a traumatic and depressing experience.

To – Being able to have powerful focused documentation and present yourself confidently and well prepared at job interviews. Get ready to start feeding that bank account.

Job Interview Training Workshop Overview

This job interview training workshop gives you a strategy to prepare for job interviews. Also it includes creating the content resumes or CVs and cover letters. Furthermore you will have an understanding of the critical points to address, that the employer will be focusing on. Finally you will learn how to prepare and deliver your material at the interview. 

Who should attend this workshop?

  1. Job seekers who are wanting to improve their chances in landing their preferred jobs.

Workshop Content

  1. Understanding the application documentation.
  2. Researching the employer to ensure the job and organisation is the right fit for the job seeker.
  3. Develop a mind map of the potential questions.
  4. Researching answers to all questions, including the ones you do not want to have to answer.
  5. Understanding the presenting skills required for impromptu speaking.
  6. Developing strategies to deal with aggressive or unreasonable questioning.
  7. Role play interviews and experience the skills.
  8. General conduct edicate for interviews.

Key Skills Enhancement

  1. How to prepare for a job interview and review all available information.
  2. Build interview skills so as you take the fear out of impromptu speaking at the interview.
  3. Have a strategy to prepare for the interview on the day.
  4. Understanding how to deal with interview room dynamics.
  5. Being able to handle an unfriendly or unfair interviewer in a powerful manner.

       The Style of Workshop for Job Interview Training

The four hour workshop is based on understanding the interview process. As a result you will understand the process from both the interviewer’s side and your side.

It is a mixture of researching, creating strategies, impromptu speaking practice and running role plays. 

The Path Forward

The following speaking modules will build your speaking skills further;

  1. Lightning Presentations – Learn how to create memorable presentations quickly. Consequently you should be able to present to an audience without the need of notes.
  2. Creating Cunning Connections – Develops skills to have a strong connection with your audience. Furthermore this workshop explores speech structures, humour and inviting the audience into your story through dialogue.
  3. Crafting Keynotes – The focus is on producing an entertaining keynote speech with a strong message based on your life stories. On completion of this workshop, you will have a strong outline of your memorable keynote speech.

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