Communication Coaching

Speaker coaching
Coaching accelerates skills.

Coaching – If you would like to accelerate your development as a speaker or a trainer contact us. It can be carried out face-to-face or via Zoom on the internet. David has coached the TEDx JCU talkers since 2014 and has had over one thousand participants in the training workshops he has run.


Business Pitches

Pitching training
A great idea deserves an amazing pitch.

Powerful Pitches – In 2017 three of the five Queensland state finalists in the Australia Post Pitching competition came from Cairns. We have also had successful Shark Tank Pitches.  In designing pitches the panel, deck and delivery are analysed before creating the pitch. Promo videos can be produced if required. 

Major Presentations

TEDx and Pecha Kucha
David a MC and coach at TEDx JCU Cairns since 2014

TEDx or Pecha Kucha Boogie – Presenting these speeches can help you build your personal brand. This gives you the understanding of what the curators are looking for and how to put together a memorable presentation. You will be proud to have your presentation as a personal brand. These workshops are run on demand.

Professional Communication one day Workshops

Professional Communication Workshop
In a day gain confidence and speaking skills in a Professional Communication workshop.

Professional Communication one day Workshop – By the end of the day you will be more confident. You will be able to develop a memorable speech in under thirty minutes and understand how humour works. You will have skills in impromptu speaking and your fear of public speaking will have decreased markedly