Workshop Feedback

Feedback from Workshop Participants

Some comments shared from the 1,000+ special valued participants who have come from Cairns, Charleville, Mount Isa, Alice Springs, Katherine, Darwin, Port Moresby and Lae and many places in between, including groups of indigenous participants.

David was great at making me come out of my shell. Reminding me to have humour and be Donna.

Great friendly and fun training course. Jam packed for one day. Brilliant manual as a take-home resource.

Perfect group size, great forum to practice in, was safe.

I really enjoyed my growth and journey of public speaking.

Packed with valuable information and didn’t feel squeezed into the day.

Good having lots of practice and feedback. Great day and confidence is now high.

Kept moving & alive, the interaction was great. King of adaptability, very good.

You’re a great presenter & I got a lot of value from the day.

Very valuable learning, lots of opportunities to speak.

In one day I have really accelerated my skills and have some great areas to be mindful on and work on.

Really enjoyed the course – much more than I thought!! Will recommend to all and sundry 🙂 

I learned so much. The mind map approach to writing speeches is so practical.

Brilliant course set up to get skills improved step-by-step. Very entertaining.

Good variety of speaking exercises and skills delivered effectively in a forgiving environment.

Great content with a variety of formats. Appropriate breaks to keep me refreshed.

Awesome day, loved the buzz and friendship.

Great format everyone is encouraged to participate and perform.

Feel confident in my abilities I was starting to doubt.

Made us feel welcome, confident and that I could do it.
Got a tremendous amount out of the practical exercises.

Keep the good work up – the structure of the course met my needs.

Great level of interaction, comprehensive handbook to take away.

It was nice and personal, there was humour throughout.
Excellent structure, David has great knowledge and experience, materials simple clear and easy to follow.

Great length of the course and very engaging the whole time.

You taught a lot of really useful and easy to implement information and tips. It was great you asked us what our goals were at the beginning, and focused on them, then checked them at the end.

I really enjoyed the format of the one day course.
Fantastic. Loved it. Want to keep attending more to learn more.

Was very impressed with what I can take away from this course.

Good interaction. Created a comfortable and safe environment.

Great course for more than just public speaking.

The interactive format was a success, and will take away useful tools to implement when making and planning future presentations.

“David Give up your real job” Your course is brilliant and I feel like I have walked out with more confidence.

When Time/Day goes quickly your delivery must have been good.

The informal format was great. Please keep going with this course. You’re a gem David!

Very interactive, feedback instant and able to use comments to make changes on the day.

Instruction with entertainment makes for “Comeback” mentality.

Well worth the time invested in each participant was excellent

Entertaining and great atmosphere. Great materials that we can continue on working for improvement.

It was great to know that I am not the only person who feels like this.

Thoroughly enjoyed the days content and meeting an interesting and dynamic group of people

Really loved the personable presenter. Very encouraging and good at making people feel at ease.

It was very worthwhile and I will keep practicing to face my fears.

Great to be able to practice new skills and receive feedback from others.

Helped me to learn to relax. Taking the myth out of how scary public speaking is.

Light hearted safe place to fail. Really comfortable group.

Thank you, lots of information at hand to take in, fantastic.

A day well spent for me – mind maps a totally new concept.

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