Online Training

Beta Courses

All online course will be initially offered as Beta Courses, normally at half price. The presentation and video quality will not be polished, as it will be in the final product. The aim is to work with our customers to get their feedback prior to final publishing.

Confidence Unlimited will have online courses for all modules as part of their drive to provide an efficient timely service to clients. In organisations we would like to minimise face-to-face to reduce impact on daily business activities. To this end we will be using online courses and Zoom coaching as a supplement to physical deliveries.

Available Beta Courses

Make that Trade Fair Pay, and Keep Paying.

Free for limited time. This content is held on a web page and the final version will be in Thinkific format with quizzes and PDF check sheets

Be Irresistible to the Curator and Nail your TEDx Talk