Business Innovation Transformation

Business innovation using a clear strategy energises organisations.


The Business Innovation transformational goal:

From – Do you feel your organisation may be losing the leading status in your industry. Are you struggling to come up with new products. Have you found your great brainstorming sessions, tend to fade away before they can be refined and implemented. Perhaps some excellent ideas have been developed, only to be rejected by senior management as being too challenging. Maybe staff turnover is higher than you would like as the corporate spark, struggles to shine. 

To – The organisation has developed a solid business innovation strategy, that is operated with input from all levels, Managing Director down. Staff are energised by the new products and processes. They take pride in being part of the success. As the new paradigm takes hold, the culture starts to buzz, exciting developments are regular and the multiple corporate bottom lines move upwards.

Business Innovation Transformation Workshop Overview

This Business Innovation workshop builds your creativity strategies that can be implemented in the workplace. By setting well defined goals, the key stakeholders are aware of the development schedule and deadlines. Benchmarks measure progress and trigger further development where required.

Who should attend this Business Innovation workshop?

  1. Board members, Senior Management or Management, who would like to build on the creativity of their organisation.
  2. Entrepreneurs and business people, to develop a solid strategy to have more ideas, and implement them in their businesses.

Business Innovation Workshop Content

  1. Setting the creativity vision and projected track at Board/Senior Management level.
  2. Setting initial benchmarks and target benchmarks so progress is measurable.
  3. Considering the physical requirements to encourage creativity.
  4. Reviewing work practices to enhance innovation.
  5. Creation of teams or groups with innovation goals.
  6. Building Managers and Supervisors skills in 10 minute coaching to encourage idea seeking and harvesting at all levels.

Business Innovation Key Skills Enhancement

  1. You will understand the mechanics of creativity within an organisation.
  2. Use this knowledge to create strategies ensure that you can increase your organic creativity and innovation outcomes.
  3. Reduce Manager and Supervisor workloads through encouraging solutions based interactions.

The Style of Workshop

This four hour workshop is highly interactive. Participants  work on their individual challenges and strategies.

The Path Forward

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