Training Course – Effective Training

A strong participant connection is vital in any training course.


The Training Course transformational goal:

From – When you run training courses you sometimes get that “deer in the headlights” response from the participants. You are just not getting that strong connection that you would like. Or maybe you are new to training and you want practical strategies. Sometimes you just want to energise the room, but struggle to bridge the gap. Often your evaluations do not reflect your knowledge and time you have spent developing the material.

To – You are comfortable bringing the energy up immediately you commence the training. The participation is strong through your enthusiasm of applying your knowledge. Students achieve goals they thought that were beyond them. Your evaluations are high, even from students who were difficult at the start. 

Training Course Workshop Overview

This Training Course – Effective Training, focuses on your connection between the participant and yourself as trainer. You will explore a number of levels, material, sequence, activities and manner. Understanding that the participants needs come first, and your carefully planned schedule comes second, is central to the connection.

Who should attend this Training Course workshop?

  1. People who have no experience in training. You will receive the practical skills to be an effective trainer.
  2. People who are trainers but they want the strong connection with students.
  3. Entrepreneurs and business people, who need to build skills and effect change in the workplace.

Training Course Workshop Content

  1. Designing the training course and working documentation.
  2. Start with a bang, ramp the energy levels up immediately.
  3. Focus the students on their desired outcomes.  Encourage commitment they value.
  4. Managing energy levels.
  5. Connect, using voice, gestures and movement.
  6. Strategies that reinforcing learning.
  7. When all else fails. Lob in a proverbial hand grenade, stand clear, and see what happens. Sleep is not an option.
  8. Breaking in new trainers with tag teams.
  9. Strategies to reinforce your value as a trainer.

Training Course, Key Skills Enhancement

  1. You are confident to train a range of students.
  2. Strategies are available so you can handle challenging situations with ease.
  3. Training new trainers quickly for your organisation is within your capabilities.

The Style of Workshop

This four hour workshop is highly interactive. Participants  develop material that they will use in their workplace.

The Path Forward

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