Sales Training – Crocodile Sales

The crocodile is a master of strategy, cunning, patient and focused, just what is needed in Sales Training.


The  sales training course transformational goals:

From (Some of these characteristics could apply to you.) The sales are down, your team needs sales training. Your sales team has a high turnover. They are working hard but they are just not getting the results and commissions. The opposition is stealing your customers on a regular basis. You are having challenges building strong relationship to create repeat customers.

To – Your sales team has a close relationship with your clients. Numbers of repeat customers are building. Customers are recommending you as the go-to business for your services. Profits are on the rise

Sales Training Workshop Overview

This Sales Training focuses on building your community of clients who know, trust and understand your product. Creating the strategy of giving value above and beyond what the client expects. How to position your product so it is unique and is not in a head-to-head price battle to the bottom. Finally the importance of inspiring the client to love your product. They buy your product or service willingly and not be hard sold, potentially producing buyers remorse.


Who should attend this Sales Training workshop?

  1. People who have no experience in sales. You will receive the practical skills to be an effective in sales.
  2. People who are in sales but they want to build their skills further.
  3. Entrepreneurs and business people, who need sales skills in their own operations.

Workshop Content

  1. Understanding the sales process and creating benchmarks.
  2. Researching your market and competition.
  3. Testing your market with a minimum viable product and “A” and “B” trial strategies.
  4. Building or reinvigorating your community to market to.
  5. Creating closer client relationships.
  6. The way you structure your sales presentation.
  7. Following up your sales presentation, after sales service and surveys.

Sales Training Key Skills Enhancement

  1. This sales training will help you have develop a powerful marketing strategy with documented process.
  2. When talking with clients you will be confident in the structured soft approach.
  3. Client relationship building will be the core of your strategy.

The Style of Workshop

This four hour workshop is highly interactive. Participants  develop material that they will use in their workplace.

The Path Forward

Try the following business modules.

  1. Networking with Zing – Broadening your network quickly through thoughtful relationship building.
  2. A Creative Compulsion – Build your creativity skills and understand the mechanics of creativity.
  3. Business Innovation Transformation – Introduce innovation to be part of your business culture.

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