Ignite Cairns

Ignite Cairns

 Unprecedented change

It has been predicted that the world’s knowledge and technology will double over the next 10 years. In this period it is expected that 80% of today’s jobs will be radically changed or will have disappeared. This will have a major impact on our community if we are not prepared and aware of the potential impacts, negative or positive.

Community connection

A group has been formed in Cairns to create a significant entertaining and informative community event, each month, to encourage the bridging of the gap between the entrepreneurs/start-ups and businesses/community at large. Businesses may be a source of mentors, support and finance and the entrepreneurs, agile strategies and potential external income to strengthen the community’s economy.

If we create a community environment where start-up businesses and entrepreneurs are encouraged and supported, minimising the chance of failure, then the whole community will benefit. We need to create interesting entertaining events where the entrepreneurs can showcase their projects and if they require partners in finance, technology or mentoring, then their needs can be publicised and potential support alerted. Equally traditional businesses who can see value by upgrading technology, this could be a place where they can rub shoulders with the Tech engineers.

 We invite you to be part of the solution

Human capital is the most powerful tool to tackle any challenge, and we welcome your support to

Contact us at: hello@ignitecairns.org

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