C3. Wedding Speeches – 4hr

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Memorable Wedding Speeches – 4 hours

In the hurly-burly and excitement of planning a wedding sometimes as the day draws nearer the realisation dawns on the key participants that they are expected to give amazing speeches. It could include any of the wedding speeches including the Grooms Speech, the Father of the Brides Speech or the Mother of the Brides Speech and the Best Mans Speech.

The ideal training is a one day Professional Communication workshop, as this covers humour in more depth. Recognising that time may be an issue, there is the option of this four-hour workshop, which can be a private coaching session for the members of the wedding party, or by taking the skype option with two one hour skype sessions and two hours of study at home using videos and notes.


Goals of workshop

The goal of this session is to prepare the participants to give a wedding speech which can be delivered with minimal reference to notes, be memorable, include humour and be relevant and inclusive of the wedding guests.

Who should attend

Anybody in the wedding party who is panicking about giving any of the wedding speeches including those giving the Best Mans Speech, the Mother of the Brides Speech or the Farther of the Brides Speech  and the Grooms Speech.

Benefits of the workshop

The icing on the cake for a memorable wedding plus the participants will never have an issue with speeches in the future.

Contents of workshop

Understanding the factors that can create stage or situation fear – As soon as participants understand the factors that hold them back, are not real, it can remove a mountain of self-inflicted pressure.

How to create a memorable speech in ten minutes – Mind maps are used to visualise the total scope of the information, then refine this to a presentation mind map which focuses on the three to four components that the audience will remember as they walk out the door.

The principals of connecting with your audience – Around 80% of our connection with an audience is through the audience subliminally interpreting the presenter’s body language. This segment makes the participants aware of how to present to a public meeting, staff meeting or to a client, making that connection.

Humour – Understanding the mechanics of humour so as on-topic humour can be uncovered in the presentation

Backgrounding – Being aware or researching the history and relationship of the audience with the bride and groom and incorporating relevant material into the wedding speeches including the Grooms Speech, the Farther of the Brides Speech or the Mother of the Brides Speech and the Best Mans Speech.

Physical resources needed

For this one, try beers and some champas to get them in the mood. Plus room for a digital projector and a few chairs and tables would be a secondary consideration.