C1. Professional Communication – 1 Day

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Goals of the Professional Communication workshop (8:30am – 4:30pm)

Participants will increase in confidence when communicating at domestic, social, business or public events or when fielding questions in situations such as job interviews or interacting with media personnel. They will be able to quickly establish the key points that they want their audience to remember and distill the total information they have available to them, so as they key elements are at the forefront and are memorable.

Who should attend

This Professional Communication workshop is for those people who want to develop their communication skills, confidence and leadership abilities. This includes people who may be starting a business, running a business, or an employee who wishes to accelerate their career. People who are involved in community organisations and events, job seekers and those wishing to be able to be heard are regular attendees.

Benefits of the Professional Communication workshop

This workshop encourages the presenter to project their own unique personality and message. An audience, guest or client does not want to see a clone of someone else. The day’s workshop will enable the participant to speak in public with confidence, use on-topic humour, and to answer impromptu questions with self-assurance. Participants will be more effective in the workplace through having clear communication, better ambassadors for the business through increased confidence, and any workplace change required is likely to be smoother and quicker. These are foundation skills to build any productive successful business on.


Workshop content

Understanding the factors that can create stage or situation public speaking fear. – As soon as participants understand the factors that hold them back, are not real, it can remove a mountain of self-inflicted pressure.

How to create a memorable speech in ten minutes. – We use mind maps to visualise the total scope of the information, then refine this to a presentation mind map which focuses on the three to four component that the audience will remember as they walk out the door.

Presenting powerful evaluations to encourage change. – This is about focusing on several points which will make the most improvement in the future and clearly explaining how you want the improvement to be made. By sandwiching this between a positive opening and closing, the receiver is left in a positive frame of mind and much more likely to implement the improvements.

The principals of connecting with your audience. – Around 80% of our connection with an audience is through the audience subliminally interpreting the presenter’s body language. This segment makes the participants aware of how to present to a public meeting, staff meeting or to a client making that connection.

Getting comfortable with “on topic” humour. – Humour sells, it diffuses tension and it makes people feel good and like you. Humour is very mechanical and predictable when you know how the mechanics work. This segment looks at on-topic humour, if it fails it does not matter as it is on-topic, but if it raises a smile, the endorphins are kicking in and the relationship becomes tighter.

Responding to impromptu questions with confidence. – This is about learning, not to think faster, but to give yourself a second or two to formulate a direction, create a smooth flowing body on the run, then coming back and reinforcing the opening statement on the close. This training is excellent for improving the quality of incoming phone call responses, as well as fielding unexpected questions from clients, staff and members of the public.

Physical resources needed

Tables set up in a “U” formation or scattered with data projector facilities. Breakout areas to divide the group up into 6-8 participants for the interactive segments.