C5. Facilitating Change – 2hr

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Facilitating change in the workplace and community – 2 hours

Goals of workshop

This workshop develops the line of least resistance in creating change; for managers, community leaders and for those who want to be instrumental in making change happen.

Who should attend

This workshop in the workplace is applicable for employees, managers and business owners. For people involved in community projects and everyday life, they will find this module valuable in developing confidence when facilitating change.

Benefits of the workshop

The key benefit of this workshop is it enables change to happen quicker with less stress for both sides of the equation. Change is an ever-present reality in today’s world, and the smoother we can transition the better it is for all parties involved.


Contents of workshop

Understanding the factors that can make people fear change – The majority of people love doing what they are doing, and normally the instant reaction is to resist change.

Clearly identifying the new path and planning for change – This segment explores the procedures to have the stakeholders aware of the impending change and to give them the opportunity to have ownership in the new direction.

Implement change – In this section, the physical implementation of change, using the line of least resistance is considered and practised.

The review of change – Once the changes have been implemented, the systems needed to ensure that the intended results are achieved need to be developed.

Physical resources needed

Tables set up in a “U” formation or groups of tables joined together, plus  a whiteboard and data projector facilities.