C8. Connect with your Customers

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Connect with your Customers

People purchase from people they trust and like, so the ability for sales people, on the phone or face to face, to be able to communicate clearly with enthusiasm and a plan is paramount. Everyone is an ambassador for their business and having the confidence to engage, but more importantly, listen to the potential client or customer, and understand their needs, can have a huge impact on the profitability of the business.

When staff are skilled communicators, workplace conflict reduces and the employee’s satisfaction rate increases. Satisfied staff have less sick days and the increased interaction drives innovation and efficiencies. The payback comes, not only from increased sales, but from across the workplace quickly.

This workshop is interactive so as the participants experience the knowledge, giving a high understanding of the material and a strong retention. We explore the root causes of why particular methods are effective so as participants can apply them in whatever situation they find themselves in.

The workshop is aligned with the core components of selling

  1.  The external factors
  • Building Rapport with the customer.
  • Gaining the customers trust in you and your organisation.
  • Clear compelling presentations to engage the customer.
  • Creating likeability through listening and understanding.
  • Demonstrating social proof, so your customer joins the crowd.
  • Bringing focus to your options so as you achieve the outcome you desire.
  1. The core sales journey
  • Identification and recognition of the customer’s needs.
  • The reason and urgency for the customer to change to your offering.
  • The assessment of alternatives, both external, internal, and your secret sauce.
  • Lubricating the customer decision making process with trust, expertise and confidence.
  • Making your competitive advantage clear so the customer purchases with confidence.
  • Creating ambassadors from satisfied customers to leverage your marketing.

The communication components of the workshop will include

  • Overcoming fear of presenting or sales bid rejection.
  • Structuring a memorable sales proposal on the run that anticipates potential objections.
  • Connecting with your prospects so as they are fully engaged.
  • Client focused presentations so as you can read the clients reactions and react to them immediately.
  • Understanding the sales relationship drivers, embracing the prospects position.
  • The mechanics of humour, the likeability enhancer.
  • Fielding questions with confidence.

The delivery is flexible and addresses the individual needs of the participants, it is high energy, entertaining and engaging.

This workshop is designed to give you an extremely fast return on your investment. The question you need to ask is “How many extra sales will it take you to pay for this workshop?” Do the sums and evaluate your investment.

We look forward to working with you.