C9. Nail that Pitch

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Nail that Pitch

Life is a Pitch, from winning over your mum and dad as a babe in arms, to having a favourable outcome for every major event in your life, jobs, finding friends, life partners, marketing, entrepreneurship, the list is endless. Pitching is life, and understanding the philosophy of pitching is an invaluable life skill.

Building skills in listening, thinking and speaking. Being comfortable with impromptu speaking and being able to connect with an audience. Understanding how to deliver memorable speeches with little preparation and minimal notes. All of the above resulting in, enhancing the participants’ communication, confidence and leadership skills.

Contents of Workshop

  • Understanding, and disposing of, the fear factors.
  • Memory, tools to make your message stick.
  • How to create a memorable speech in 10 minutes.
  • Crafting a powerful pitch, the elevator pitch to the full pitch
  • Creating the deck for the visuals
  • Preparing for the questions
  • Crafting an irresistible connection with your audience.
  • Exploring the mechanics of unfolding your own humour.
  • Responding to pitch questions with confidence.

Who will benefit from attending the Nail that Pitch workshops?

The workshops are designed to build listening, thinking and speaking skills. This enables the participants to project their own unique style, and to express themselves confidently and clearly in front of a range of audiences.

Business owners and employees become stronger communicator’s, marketers and ambassadors for their business.

Leadership skills are enhanced, including the ability to converse clearly, and facilitate change smoothly, minimizing workplace conflict, and leading to faster acceptance of new practices.

Job seekers will find they perform measurably better in interviews, and students will be more relaxed when giving oral presentations.

For entrepreneurs this workshop is a cornerstone and a key to a successful business launch and operation.

The style of the workshop.

In all the segments, the aim is to have multiple interactive exercises. The exercises enable participants to practice the learned information, and as they see others perform well, or struggle, they clearly understand and remember what they are aiming to achieve.

A high energy presentation style laced with humour puts any nervous participants at ease quickly. You can only learn this material by having “stage time,” getting out in front of others, and practicing, getting constructive feedback and experiencing what works. If you are nervous do not worry, this is a worshop with empathy and friendship that will soon have the tiger in you unleashed.

Book early as numbers are limit by venue size.