C7. Visual Presentations – 2hr

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The Principles of Visuals Presentations – 2 hours

Goals of workshop

The focus of this workshop is to give participants the skills to develop visual presentations in PowerPoint, Prezi or video to support their presentations without dominating them. This includes the participants designing the presentations and either producing them or outsourcing the production to low-cost web-based suppliers.

Who should attend

This workshop is for those people who are not familiar with visual technology who require the skills for developing presentations. This includes pitching and business presentations, public educational speeches.

Benefits of the workshop

A well developed visual presentation will enhance the emotional connection with the audience and improve the memorability of the presentation. It will also improve the connection with the Visual (identify with pictures) and Audio Digital (love working with figures and data) personality types.


Contents of workshop

Making the emotional connection- Understanding the principles of designing visual presentations that will enhance the memorability of the speaker’s presentation.

Creating an amazing visual presentation using low-cost outsourcing – If you require visual presentations on an occasional basis, perhaps the best use of your time is to outsource the production of presentations. Having your information assembled so as the outsourcing party can quickly produce the visual presentation will ensure that it is to your expectations at a low cost.

Using PowerPoint – Develop a simple PowerPoint presentation.

Using Prezi – Developing a simple Prezi presentation.

The use of videos – Understand the power of editing videos and using subtitles.

The use of digital projectors in speeches – Setting up and managing the equipment and the most effective manner in which to use the visual aids.


Physical resources needed

Groups of tables joined together, plus  a whiteboard and data projector facilities. Power boards on desks for participants laptops.