C4. Job Interview – 4hr

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Nail that Job Interview

4hr workshop, or a 2hr skype + 2hrs preparation or a 4 hr coaching session

 Job interviews can be daunting and depressing if you have attended multiple interviews with no success. In many cases, how you present yourself will have a bigger impact on your potential employer than what your qualifications will. This workshop is designed to rectify this by giving you confidence and understanding how to plan for and respond to impromptu questions.

Ideally the one day Profession Communication would be the best option, but if time is not available in can b

Goals of workshop

This workshop is to have the participants understand speech structure so as they can present their case clearly to potential employers and how to respond to impromptu questions in a clear, concise relaxed fashion.

Who should attend

This workshop in designed for people in the job market attending interviews wanting to get a job quickly.

Benefits of the workshop

Most employers are looking for people who can communicate clearly, be able to take instructions and have the confidence to ask questions in a short precise manner. Their time is valuable and they want people who are easy to communicate with. This workshop builds the participants confidence, which will show in their body language and their communication skills and will increase the probability of being successful at a job interview many times.


Contents of workshop

Understanding the factors that can create stage or situation fear – As soon as participants understand the factors that hold them back, are not real, it can remove a mountain of self-inflicted pressure.

How to create a memorable speech in ten minutes – Mind maps are used to visualise the total scope of the information, then refine this to a presentation mind map which focuses on the three to four components that the audience will remember as they walk out the door.

The principals of connecting with your audience – Around 80% of our connection with an audience is through the audience subliminally interpreting the presenter’s body language. This segment makes the participants aware of how to present to a public meeting, staff meeting or to a client, making that connection.

 Responding to impromptu questions with confidence. – This is about learning, not to think faster, but to give yourself a second or two to formulate a direction, create a smooth flowing body on the run, then coming back and reinforcing the opening statement on the close.

Physical resources needed

Tables set up in a “U” formation or groups of tables joined together, plus  a whiteboard and data projector facilities.