C6. Humour – 2hr

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Understanding humour to connect with clients and prospects – 2 hours

Goals of workshop

To teach the participants the mechanics of humour so as they can use on-topic humour when talking to prospects and within the office to reduce stress.

 Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to use more humour in their lives.

 Benefits of the workshop

Humour sells, people purchase from people, the product is secondary. Humour reduces tension in a confrontational situation, it increases learning capacity, it is one of the best ways to connect with individuals or an audience and it make life infinitely more enjoyable.

Contents of workshop

Understanding the mechanics of humour – The first focus is to understand that humour is mechanical, and it works using simple reproducible principles. Exploring the different types of on-topic humour which can be used in the work environment.

Creating humour in presentations – Practising manufacturing humour for presentations and utilising situational humour derived from the current event.

Preparing to give a presentation incorporating humour, internally or externally – Planning strategies to harvest material applicable to the group and planning (seemingly impromptu) come-back responses to deal with interjections that could be expected.

Monitoring mentoring program – How to monitor a mentoring program and measure the benefits.

Physical resources needed

Groups of tables joined together or in “U” shape, plus whiteboards and data projector facilities.