Communication Workshops

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Overview of the One Day Workshop

1. The one-day Professional Communication workshops  are designed to build confidence in the participants noticeably. They will be comfortable in giving prepared and off-the-cuff presentations  and will be able to find humour in their material. The will be more focused during phone conversations and clearer when explaining situations within the workplace or when marketing. Their improved confidence and communication skills will enable them to become stronger ambassadors for their business or workplace.


Overview of the Two Hour workshops

These communication workshops are designed to give participants hands-on experience so as they learn the theory and absorb the content and can reproduce it as required. They can be run in-house or as an external event as individual or multiple modules.

Two Hour Modules

2. Efficient, productive, engaging meetings.
3. Effective communication in the community or workplace.
4. Facilitating change in the workplace and community.
5. The principals of visual presentations.
6. Effective Pitching.
7. Information Rich Telemarketing.
8. Boosting creativity.
9. Increasing networking effectiveness.
10. Utilising Mentoring to accelerate staff and business development.
11. Understanding humour to connect with clients and prospects.

Workshop Physical Requirements

The normal requirements for most modules are a room with tables for the participants to sit around or in “U” formation, with breakout areas for interactive sessions to accommodate 6-8 participants, depending on the size of the group. Workshops normally use a whiteboard and data projector and in some instances power boards for participants to connect their laptops.

Training Methods

Normally for each component there is an education session then the participants break into small groups for practical sessions to understand and embed the learning. The training is designed to challenge the participants and value their life skills that they bring to the group.