B6. Mentoring – 2hrs

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Utilising Mentoring to accelerate staff and business development – 2 hours

Goals of workshop

Mentoring can be a tough gig for the uninitiated. This module equips participants with the knowledge required to give mentoring every chance of success.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for those people who are considering a mentor or mentee relationship.

Benefits of the workshop

A strong mentoring program accelerates new employees past their low productivity settling in period and reaching high productivity in the quickest time frame. It can give employees with a long record with the organisation a new challenge to reinvigorate them and they are likely to pick up current age skills from the mentee.


Contents of workshop

Understanding the mechanics of mentoring – Matching mentors to mentees and designing programs to achieve the required outcomes.

Overcoming challenges – Identifying potential challenges and developing strategies to overcome them.

Monitoring mentoring program – How to monitor a mentoring program and measure the benefits.

Physical resources needed

Groups of tables joined together or in “U” shape, plus whiteboards and data projector facilities.