B5. Networking – 2 hrs

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Increasing Networking Effectiveness – 2 hours

Goals of workshop

The focus of this workshop is to develop strategies to build relationships when meeting new people in a business networking environment or in any day to day situation. The key is to not hit them with an in-your-face elevator pitch, but take the time to get to know their situation before introducing our opportunity if it is relevant.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for those people who need to build contacts through networking. This could include, business owners, staff, entrepreneurs and job seekers amongst others.

Benefits of the workshop

Networking can be a real challenge for many, and this approach lessens the stress of rejection and builds healthy business relationships where the parties can potentially help each other with contacts if the product or service is not applicable.


Contents of workshop

Defining the product or service – Mind maps are utilised to clearly define what we have to offer and who is likely to be interested.

The elevator type pitch – It is essential that the business product or service can be defined concisely. By developing a 30-second description it keeps conversations tight and clear.

Creating the conversation – Developing strategies to build a relationship by asking questions which take thought and give a deeper insight into the needs of the other.

Connecting with the person – Considering body language and other nonverbal factors which will attract or reply others.

Practicing networking – Practice makes perfect.

Physical resources needed

Groups of tables joined together or in “U” shape, plus whiteboards and data projector facilities.