B2. Effective Pitching – 2hrs

Confidence Unlimited_Final_300Creating an effective pitch for finance or partners – 2 hours

Goals of workshop

This workshop starts with how to quickly identify all the aspects of the new business that an investor or potential partner may ask to have elaboration so as the person who is pitching is fully prepared for questions. It also develops the physical skills and confidence in the participants enabling them to connect to their audience.

Who should attend

This workshop is for those people who are developing new business that they need to secure funding or co-founders, and for existing business operators and employees you require the skills for marketing projects.

Benefits of the workshop

You get one shot at impressing a potential client or financial or business partner and the last thing you need is to be lacking confidence in presenting and stumbling over answers that you were not prepared for. This workshop will give you the confidence to nail your presentation.


Contents of workshop

Segmenting the business – Starting with a generic business format to ensure all components of the business have been considered, then converting this to a mind map so the interconnectivity of the business components can be visualised.

Backgrounding the audience – Understanding what information is needed to understand the audience as this will determine their hot-points which are critical in the design the pitch and the connection between the pitcher and the audience.

Designing the pitch – This includes the product/project expectations and fall-back positions, speech content, delivery and the place where the pitch will be delivered.

The physical presentation – This includes how to connect with an audience, present your idea clearly and respond to questions regarding your project.

Post pitch – If the pitch has not been successful the questions that should be asked to refine the pitch for future presentations.

Physical resources needed

Groups of tables joined together, plus  a whiteboard and data projector facilities. Power boards on desks for participants laptops.