B1. Meeting Procedure – 2hrs

Confidence Unlimited_Final_300Efficient, productive, engaging meetings – 2 hours

Goals of workshop

The focus of this workshop is to evaluate the required outcomes of the meeting and the key stakeholders who will gain benefit by being included. Once this is established methods of increasing the buy-in and ownership of the meeting are explored. The final phase is running the meeting effectively, understanding the reasoning behind using parliamentary principles, and the management of data post the meeting.

Who should attend

This workshop is for those people who need to run efficient meetings, or who are involved in meetings as a floor member and want to understand their powers and rights.

Benefits of the workshop

This workshop will have a fast payback for businesses or community organisations who want to save time and labour resources when communicating using meetings. It is important to have meetings that are focused and productive, running to a pre-determined timetable. If the participants are given the opportunity to contribute to the agenda, buying-in to the success of the event, then the time spent becomes more cost effective. Running a meeting using the principals of parliament procedure gives structure, power to the chairman and floor members and increases efficiency.


Contents of workshop

Why are we having the meeting? – A critical evaluation of the reason for the meeting, who should attend, what format should the meeting take and setting the goals to be achieved at the meeting

The meeting planning psychology – How to create an atmosphere where meeting participants want to buy-in to the success of a meeting. Preparation of steps to create interactivity prior to the meeting.

The action immediately prior to the meeting – The art of having a meeting prior to the meeting to expedite the meeting. Planning the delegation of tasks and general meeting preparation.

Running an effective meeting using parliamentary procedures – A practical session on working with parliamentary procedures so as the reasoning behind the procedures, and benefits derived from them, are clearly understood.

Post meeting procedures – The flow of information post-meeting back to stakeholders and the storage/retrieval of outcomes.

Physical resources needed

Tables set up in a “U” formation or groups of tables joined together, plus  a whiteboard and data projector facilities.