Business Workshops

Confidence Unlimited_Final_300Business Workshops Introduction

The focus of the business workshops is to impart a range of skills and to work on systems where these skills are integrated into the businesses culture. With all the Confidence Unlimited modules we explore the reasons why certain actions achieve results. Once this is understood then a solid system can be built upon this knowledge which suits the particular work environment and the people making it happen.

In these Business workshops, we cover the skill sets of efficient; Meetings, Mentoring, Marketing, Creativity, Pitching, and Networking. All are vital to the bottom line of a business, in both financial and overall people and business health and well-being.


We live in a world of machine-gunned emails, message banks blinking at us, texts building up and in-your-face marketing, whether we have requested it or not. Our time and our clients time are valuable.

It is vital that before we market to a client, either face-to-face or over the phone we take the time to see if they will be even interested in our product or service. When we take the time to understand our clients’ requirements prior to the presentation of our proposal, then rather than receiving a blunt rejection we may be able to connect on another level, or share contacts, where both parties can benefit. Every interaction has the potential of a positive outcome.

Business systems are about planning, encouraging participants input so they have ownership in the outcome; using a system designed for the particular business, being aware of potential objections and meeting them prior to them being aired, and monitoring the process and outcomes, reviewing as required. Generic systems are often challenged or accepted with little enthusiasm. On the other hand, if the participants have participated in the design and have ownership in the process, then they are much more likely to commit to making their system work efficiently.

Business Workshop Two Hour Modules

B1. 2hr Meeting Procedure

B2. 2hr Effective Pitching

B3. 2hr BtoB Telemarketing

B4. 2hr Boosting Creativity

B5. 2hr Networking

B6. 2hr Mentoring

B7. 2hr Video Marketing

Workshop Physical Requirements

The normal requirements for most modules are a room with tables for the participants to sit around or in “U” formation, with breakout areas for interactive sessions to accommodate 6-8 participants, depending on the size of the group. Workshops normally use a whiteboard and data projector and in some instances power boards for participants to connect their laptops.

Training Methods

Normally for each component there is an education session then the participants break into small groups for practical sessions to understand and embed the learning. The training is designed to challenge the participants and value their life skills that they bring to the group.