Business Networking

Business networking creates ambassadors for your brand and facilitates long term business health.


The business networking course transformational goal:

From (Some of these characteristics could apply to you.) You may use every excuse in the book to avoid business networking events. The thought of talking to total strangers makes you cringe. When you do network you gravitate to people you already know. You need to build your brand but you would much rather send an email.

To – You enjoying attending networking events and having meaningful discussions with a range of people. At the end you come away with new acquaintances,  leads and people to contact. After the event you are systemised in following up.

Business Networking Workshop Overview

This Business Networking course focuses on building your relationships. It creates your ambassadors who know you and understand your outlook. Your event selection, preparation,and post event strategies are discussed. As well as this, how you interact with strangers to walk away with a win-win outcome.

Who should attend this workshop?

    1. Entrepreneurs and business people, who want to be more effective in improving value from events.
  1. If you are just starting a business and are frankly terrified, or at the least uncomfortable, at networking events.
  2. People who need to build their brand and profile which may be for career advancement or in a not-for-profit role.

Business Networking Workshop Content

  1. Make being concise your goal.
  2. Developing your art of conversation.
  3. Creating a strategy and items you need for a  networking event.
  4. Your approach to handling challenging situations.
  5. Understanding how to connect with another person and be aware of their body language.
  6. Having strategies for the following up of all contacts.

Business Networking, Key Skills Enhancement

  1. You are confident to to attend business networking events.
  2. When attending events the number of strong contacts increases measurably.
  3. Your name becomes well known in your community and associates start recommending your business.

The Style of Workshop

This four hour workshop is highly interactive. In Business Networking participants  develop material that they will use in their workplace.

The Path Forward

Try the following business modules.

  1. Crocodile Sales – Take a bigger bite of your market. Build a community the loves your work and comes back often.
  2. A Creative Compulsion – Build your creativity skills and understand the mechanics of creativity.
  3. Business Innovation Transformation – Introduce innovation to be part of your business culture.

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