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About the Principal Trainer

David Burston has been in Toastmasters since 2008 and during this time developed the one day “Professional Communication” workshop concept. Initially, it started as the six to eight evening Toastmasters Speechcraft course. Working from participant feedback this was changed to a one-day format to fit in with the pace of life today. The one day format additionally uses mind mapping which enables the presenter to speak without notes and introduces humour as a vital way of connecting with an audience. Over the last six years, David has run over fifty workshops for Toastmasters, businesses, and indigenous clients and has built up a depth of knowledge in his field.


In Toastmasters David received the award of “Toastmaster of the year” in 2013 for the work he put into delivering workshops across North Queensland, Northern Territory and Papua New Guinea from Toastmaster District 69 which had over 3,000 members.

David has a varied entrepreneurial history including; farming, irrigation, earthmoving, building high-efficiency shearing sheds, shearing, horse breaking, ski instructing, beekeeping and vegetable industry consulting. He managed the NE Victorian peppermint industry growers for their first commercial year building a 300hp still and developing the growing and harvesting equipment.

In the late 1980’s he ventured into aquaculture with two partners. They developed the yabby industry in Victoria, designing and built an automated hatchery that produced a million juveniles per month. They also developed systems for holding yabbies alive for months. The effect of this was to turn a muddy creature into a gourmet animal, lifting the price from $5/kg to $20+/kg, for the local and export markets.

David had a Quality Assurance training and certification business in Cairns and was business manager for an environment rehabilitation company in Cairns for several years.


Presently David owns a fabric structure business marketing and installing tension membrane buildings, structures up to 40m wide for maintenance facilities, truck depots and bulk materials storage. This business is being restructured to focus mainly on marketing which gives David the time to follow his passion with David Burston Training’s – Confidence Unlimited.

David is also the “Pitch Master” a voluntary role at the business incubator theSPACE in Cairns. This role encourages people with new ideas to network and provides them with the physical skills to make a powerful pitch for funds or expertise. It includes business proposals development so as they can answer questions which arise in the process of pitching. David is also the coach for the annual JCU TEDx speakers. A challenging job encouraging university academic’s, often champions of one-hour monologues, to inspire and motivate an international audience in ten to twelve minutes.

David’s main qualification is QBE, (Qualified By Experience) but he also has Diplomas in Farm Management and Building and he completed the Leadership21 certificate with Melbourne University. He keeps current by participating in weekly international coaching sessions and attending top level speaking events.

He delivers the courses with passion and energy. He encourages participants to go where previously they did not think was possible, and in a day they develop a new level of confidence. The interactive activities are designed to challenge, and rising to the challenge ensures the participants have the information deeply embedded in their memories.

The workshop will morph to meet the needs of the particular group, while it follows a loose structure the finer details hone in on the needs of the individuals, making it relevant to the individuals.